Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Over what dates will the successful applicant be in residence?

The Writer-in-Residence will work with UNC Asheville to choose any 4-week period between July 1 and October 31 for their residency.

What office equipment does the Writer-in-Residence need to bring with them?

The Writer-in-Residence will need to bring their own computing device and printer, as well as printer paper and ink/toner cartridges.

What utilities are covered, and what will the Writer-in-Residence be responsible for?

The University will cover utilities, including water and electricity.

Who is responsible for home maintenance?

The University will take care of any required repairs and maintenance on the home or grounds.

Can the Writer-in-Residence bring their pets?

At this time, we cannot accommodate pets. Service animals are welcome.

Can the Writer-in-Residence bring their families?

At this time, we cannot accommodate children. Partners/spouses are welcome.

Does the home have internet or wifi service?

The University provides cable and wifi service in the home.

Are living expenses included with the residency?

The University will provide a $2000 stipend for travel expenses, food, and other incidentals expense.

Is the home ADA compliant?

The home was built in the 1920s and is not accessible according to ADA standards.

What appliances are available in the home?

The home contains a full-size refrigerator, electric range, microwave, coffee maker, television and washer/dryer.

Is the home accessible by public transportation?

The home is not on a public transportation route. A car is required.

What academic courtesies and/or research access are extended for the Writer-in-Residence?

During their residency, the Writer-in-Residence will have visiting scholar privileges in the University’s library and access to campus copier/printers.